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Posted by Corporate Trade
30 11 2011

Whilst our London office are digging out the office cardigans and fiddling with the thermostat, our new offices in Sydney and Melbourne are revelling in their swish new offices and soaking up the terrace views and sunny climbs.

Naturally, we wanted to show off our new Aussie digs so we thought we’d take you on a virtual whistle-stop tour of Active International Australia before we spill coffee on the carpet and let the plants dehydrate.

It’s been a busy year for the guys down under. After a recent flurry of new starters in the Sydney office, we decided it wasn’t all that fair to sit them on a desk in the storage cupboard, so we packed our bags and moved to a bigger office (with a much better view).

Swing by and you can find our two new commercial managers Louise Dowbiggin and Anisa Zulfiqar having an iced tea (and a meeting, obviously) on the Active International terrace.


Hot on the heels of the significant expansion to our Sydney team, we took on Melbourne in August this year, opening with some fantastic foundation clients including National Foods, Mars, AB Food and Beverages and Sensis.

Rob Tolliday, will be running the show in Melbourne and heading up the very first corporate trade office in the Victorian market: very exciting news. Do come and say hi if you’re in the area. we London lot have been wracking our brains for creative excuses for an international visit, so maybe we’ll bump into you then!


You can find the Sydney guys at

Level 3, 140 Arthur Street

North Sydney, NSW-9166

And the Melbourne team at

Suite 805, 1 Queens Road

Melbourne VIC 3004

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