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28 3 2012

This week in the Wednesday Wrap, Social Media Today pay their respects to Pay-per-click, Citymaps replace street names with brand logos and the latest Fipp report finds innovation still bubbling in magazine publishing. These are our favourite stories from last seven days, tell us yours @ActiveIntlUK

Street names lose out to logos

New York start-up, Citymaps this week unveiled their latest offering: New York, San Fran and Austin mapped by brand logos, rather than street names.

We’re awaiting the London version with baited breath, not least to see how they cope with Active’s neighbouring brand metropolises, Oxford Street and Covent Garden.

Cynics will say this is a cold-hearted representation of the 21st century tyranny of the brand, but we love it anyway.

Magazines innovate

With the ABC reports harvest little optimism, the Fipp report came to the rescue on Monday revealing magazine publishers’ unyielding innovation in the face of declining circulation figures.

From augmented reality via new technology such as Blippar, to good old scratch and sniff covers courtesy of Esquire, the run to the newsagents has never been more inspiring. But it from Hungarian Lack, which gets the vote amongst the ladies of the office.

The Death of PPC Advertising

Since its inception, pay-per-click advertising has effectively cemented itself as a stalwart of online marketing. But research has revealed that just 18 per cent of SMEs using Google Adwords actually recoup their investment: could the PPC party be over?

Social Media Today certainly seem to think so, citing it as a short-term fix and brand-unaware. What do you think?

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