Red Nose Day at Active International

Posted by Lua Cooper
18 3 2013

This week our office Manager Heather Shutt has written a guest blog on our Comic Relief activities and fundraising escapades in the office….

Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £800 million to help change the lives of millions in over 70 countries.

From those suffering from abuse here in the UK to people living in urban slums in Africa – Comic Relief supports many issues, and what better way to raise money than by comical entertainment! So what did we do to get in on this?

Always fans of championing a good cause, two years ago Active International employees decided to get involved and raise some cash. Coming to work in our pyjamas for the day, there were strange looks on station platforms and on Oxford Street at lunch – but it was worth it, we raised over £1,600!


This year, we rolled up our sleeves and got involved again. However rather than fashioning our best Disney and woolly Primark pyjamas, we put our creative skills to the test in the kitchen!


We all dug deep in our pockets and donated to participate in an afternoon of decorating cakes and gingerbread men – it was taken very seriously and became much more competitive than we anticipated. With our Marketing Manager, Lua, attempting to thwart potential gingerbread man copycats and our Business Services Director, Steve, hiding his creations in the kitchen – we realised we’d unleashed some real rivalry.

But it was all in good humour, and one of our clients had the honour of picking the winners. Well done to Emma for her winning decorative cupcake design, and Stacey for her winning bikini gingerbread beach bombshell!


You’d be surprised to see the level of excitement created by just a few tubes of coloured icing, sprinkles and sweets – but the aftermath has found the rest of the team gracefully accepting defeat with the donations still rolling in.


Active just loves doing something funny for money! Watch this space for next time!

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