St.Patrick’s Special – The best Guinness ads of all time!

Posted by Lua Cooper
18 3 2014

We love Guinness here in the Active office, so we thought we’d continue the celebrations by taking a look at some of their best marketing moments over the years.


1. Guinness basketball commercial

This minute-long clip explores men’s relationships with each other and how they extend further than just the pub. It’s clocked up over eight million views on youtube so far and it’s strong emotional reaction pulled at the heart-strings of many allowing millions to connect to the brand in new ways.

2. Round-up your mates

This hilarious advert depicts men’s sheep-like similarities and how Guinness brings men together. Created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, highly trained sheepdogs round up a group of men and deliver them to a bar.

3. Banned: Men and women shouldn’t live together

Sadly, due to controversy, this ad was banned after showing the trials of a couple living together.

4. The surfer

Some say this is Guinness’ best ad, launched in 1999 it depicts men’s patience and determination in the face of adversity…for a pint.

5. The festivity of St. Patrick’s Day

Waking up on Paddy’s day is much like Christmas to many across the globe.

Many thanks to .rising that compiled the original list here:

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