Sarah Younger 10 years - The best thing about Active is no 2 days are ever the same!

Posted by Sarah Younger Around the office
18 8 2015

Sarah Younger gives us an insight into the 10 years she has spent working for Active in the UK - with Sarah there is never a dull moment!

It was a lovely Summer's day in August 2005 when I visited Centre Point for my interview with the newly crowned Managing Director Dean Wilson. Once in Dean's office he made me feel at ease and the interview was more of a friendly chat. I was here as I had been recommended from when I previously worked at a barter company. The recommendation had come describing me as someone who can open new doors by setting up meetings with FDs and other senior Directors and also as someone with lots of passion. If you have ever met a passionate person e.g. Ian Wright (former England and Arsenal striker) you will know that passionate people are sometimes not so easy to manage as passion can sometimes be confused with trouble! Anyway, Dean offered me the job and asked me to not be too much trouble!

And so it was on Monday 22nd August 2005 I joined Active International, the largest barter company on the globe.

Working with a team of Directors myself and the other Commercial Executives were responsible for setting up meetings and plenty were booked, converting into deals - good times were had by all!

After a few years Active's offerings broadened and the relationship grew closer with the media agencies, this meant in a lot of cases meeting with the client and media agency at the same time, therefore my role had progressed and it was time for me to dip my toes into the waters of account management, working closely with the COO we were a formidable team. Around the same time an opening arose for me to solely look after Remarketing, this I found would take me on a journey where one day I would be selling frozen prawns and the next day a giant food steamer! The best thing about Active is no 2 days are ever the same!

Working within the Commercial Team, I work very closely with Active’s Commercial Director Gemma Atkinson and am involved in sending weekly reports to our Head office in New York and liaising with Active’s 15 other offices. As well as looking after Remarketing I work within the Business Services department which involves providing our media owner partners, media agencies and clients with goods and services (excludes travel - we have a great team doing this and I can't do everything! )- one day it might be providing gift cards and on another day business cards.

Sitting at my desk in Centre Point admiring the view, I knew at some point this would come to an end and it did in October 2014 when Active moved out of Centre Point, 103 New Oxford Street (it's being converted into luxury apartments - no, I won't be buying one) to 70 New Oxford Street - just 30 seconds down the road! Instead of a view of the Shard, London Eye and Primrose Hill I now have Morrisons and the No.38 bus to Clapton Pond which I've never visited but I'm sure is very nice.....anyway the good thing about the stream of buses past the window each day means that I am able to see all our clients advertising and look out for new clients along the way!

Anyway here's to another 10 years and I never did cause Dean (now our CEO) too much trouble!

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