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1 4 2016

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Places to visit

The city of Napoli, also known as Naples, is a beautiful historic City and should definitely not be missed. Full with old cobbled streets so narrow only a fiat 500 or a motorbike can fit, this is a Neapolitans preferred way to travel. There is a saying Neapolitans live by ‘vedi Napoli e poi muori’ translated ‘See Naples then die’. When I visit my great Aunt who is now 91, from her 3rd floor balcony she will lower a bucket tied to rope where the local shopkeeper downstairs will load her up with whatever she wishes and will keep a tab.

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 Spending my summer holidays in Italy from a little girl, Amalfi coast has become my home from home...

When landing in Napoli airport, the Amalfi coast is about an hour and half drive, then turn off the motorway into a small town called Angri. From there we make our way up the mountain round the windy roads to the top, and then travel down the other side passing many villages on the way until we reach the small village of Maiori, which is where I stay.

Maiori is a small pretty seaside town around a 15 min drive from the famous Amalfi and Ravello. It has the longest beach front than any other town on the Amalfi coast. A typical day for me in Maiori would be to go shopping early morning for local groceries, stop by one of the local cafés and have my morning coffee with family and friends. I would then spend the rest of the day on the beach topping up my tan. In the evening if I’m not having a 6 course dinner with family and friends, the best place to get a quick bite to eat is a little restaurant hidden in a small alleyway called Speedy Pizza. My favourite Margherita with Chips on top this will only set you back €3… a bargain.


 While staying in the coast there are many places to visit, Amalfi and Ravello being very popular tourist attractions and famous for beautiful lemon tress which grow the biggest lemons you will ever see.  The lemons are used to make Limoncello; lemon liquor mainly made in this part of Italy. Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestivo; there is a strawberry version which is my favorite, which we call fragolina.

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 You can take a day visit to the beautiful island of Capri where you can take a trip to the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra). The Blue Grotto is a natural sea cave, 60 meters long and 25 meters wide. The cave mouth is two meters wide but only roughly a meter high, so to enter visitors must board small rowboats which transport a maximum of four passengers. The skipper will have you lay back along the bottom of the boat while he guides you through the opening using a metal chain attached to the cave walls.


 If you go the opposite way towards city of Salerno you can visit Vietri Sul Mare which is known for its ceramic shops which make a beautiful colourful Vietri. It is a popular tourist destination, a convenient place to start the Amalfi Coast drive. Inhabitants like to call it “The First Pearl of the Amalfi,” claiming that the Amalfi begins at Vietri, which is just west of Salerno. Vietri is the origin of dishes, flowerpots, vases and tiles found in restaurants, hotels and homes throughout the Amalfi area.

You can explore the coast and its beautiful scenery by car round the windy mountain roads, which can be quite scary, but you are treated to an amazing view as your driving along. However, in my opinion, the best way to explore the coast would be by the local bus that you can hop on and off of at every village. If you’re feeling brave enough you can hire a moped this is an excellent and speedy way to travel round the mountains and makes you really feel like a local.

You can take a short swim in the deep blue sea and catch a tan on the beach, walk around and explore the little boutique shops or unwind at beachfront bars and cafes.

When it comes to food the Italians are very passionate and the local produce caught by the community fisherman is sold in most restaurants on the coast. A favourite restaurant of mine situated in Maiori is Torre Normanna located in a 13th century Norman Tower over the Mediterranean Sea.


 July and August are peak times to visit the Amalfi coast and there are many different festivals celebrating patron saints of each village as well as the festival of wine and different types of foods. This includes street markets, processions and amazing fireworks displays. Patron saint of the village Maiori where I stay is Santa Marie a Mare we celebrate her on August 15th.

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There are many mini celebrations leading up to the main day where a procession and mass is held through the town and later that night a huge firework display is held. On this day it is very hard to move around the town as it is so packed. Many visitors come from other local towns to join in the festivities. The younger people stay out all night to mark this occasion by night swimming and going to local beach parties.

One of my favourite nightspots to visit while on the coast is "The Africana" the most famous nightclub on the Amalfi Coast; it is a completely different and unique experience.

Two big caves overlap just above the sea, the big dance floor is covered with plates of glass and the sea is seen beneath your feet. Located in Praiano you can get here by car however when i go my prefered mode of transport is by boat, my friends and I get the boat here and back which is quite an experience at 4am in the morning on the way home!

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