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18 7 2016

Active's Media Manager goes deep into digital on this edition of Day In The Life.

Name: Rob North
Job Title: Media Manager

What is the purpose of your role and how does this impact a client’s success?
The purpose of my role is to maximise our capabilities within digital and manage the smooth running of the digital team in conjunction with the other executives and managers working within this channel. I work across Aegis, Havas and Zenith Optimedia clients, highlighting tradable media owner opportunities which allow our clients to part-fund their marketing campaigns with stock. It is therefore imperative that we maintain a close relationship with both our agency partners and our media partners to ensure that we are sustaining a high level of account management whilst understanding and servicing their needs as a business. My role is also heavily focused on developing our programmatic capabilities, ensuring we are aligned with the direction the industry is moving in.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Each day varies for me. I could be meeting up with our barter managers within each of the agency groups to ensure that all parties have a firm understanding of where the barter opportunities lie across each client. Or regularly catching-up with our media owner partners over a coffee or lunch to learn about new product developments, discuss client opportunities, present new models of trading with one another, or perhaps celebrating a good piece of business. My role is unique in that many of my meetings will be with heads of Agency Trading Desks or with partners from various ad-tech platforms, all crucial in understanding how programmatic is affecting our business and what is required for us to fully evolve into this space.

Most interesting project?
My most interesting project has to be the one that I’ve been working on since I joined Active over two years ago: that is to ensure the continual growth of our digital business and to advance how we currently operate within this channel by allowing for the evolution and change that has been ushered in through programmatic buying and selling. It has been both challenging and exciting in equal measure as we’ve had to explore different methods of functioning effectively within this space whilst considering a number of variables only present within the programmatic landscape.

What has been your biggest challenge?
What I find most challenging is also the thing that keeps my job most interesting. Digital is ever-changing; just when you think you’ve mastered the latest thing, a new product or platform emerges which we then have to gain a comprehensive understanding of and determine whether it would be of benefit to leverage for our clients. We’re always looking towards what’s next so ensuring we’re engaging in the constant stream of information is what keeps us on top of our game.

3 qualities needed to succeed in your role?
To be commercially minded, pro-active and innovative.

Describe barter in 3 words
Creative, useful and strategic.

Tell us something we don't know about you?
I have an irrational fear of electric shocks after my brother shoved me onto an electric fence whilst on a farm in Swanage, aged 6.



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