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12 5 2016

What does a typical work day look like for Stacey Hollis? The Senior Media Executive gives us the scoop on how she navigates the world of media.

Name:   Stacey Hollis
Job Title: Senior Media Executive

What is the purpose of your role and how does this impact a client's success?

My role is essentially divided into key areas of focus. Firstly, make sure I’m up to date with where and when our clients potentially have budgets for Press or OOH that require funding through barter. Secondly, to work closely with our media partners to identify products and services that they wish to purchase as we can allow them to fund in media space as opposed to cash – be it digital screens, mobile telephone contracts, energy, travel, conferences, or even gift cards to provide as internal prizes. I work across our clients that flow through Group M, Havas and VivaKi, making sure as many of our barter partners are involved in our clients’ marketing plans as possible so that clients can part-fund campaigns with their stock. This allows our clients to maintain and boost their marketing budgets.

What does a typical day look like to you?

A typical day would include catching-up with barter managers and planners at the agencies for the latest on potential plans and updating media owners accordingly. It’s key to understand where the pressures of media owners lie and to see where we can advocate on their behalf when it comes to client plans. It’s a big part of my job to be out and about meeting people but equally important to be in the office creating new ways we can work with our partners and liaising with my team in order to do so!

Most interesting project?

One of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on was for Time Out, where we supplied the alcohol, a product we possessed due to allowing one of our clients to part-fund their ad-spend with their inventory. We were able to facilitate a fully transparent trade that truly worked for all parties - that’s the way barter should work.

Most satisfying challenge?
We always look to source new and interesting clients with goods or services that we can then offer to our media owner partners. It’s exciting to then find a good link between business needs and to bridge those gaps. For example, a media owner may have limited cash for jollies and events one year, but if they pay us in their ad space we can then facilitate these events with services from our fully accredited Travel & Events team. It’s always satisfying to know you’ve delivered a great plan.

3 qualities needed to succeed in your role?

It helps to be creative, keen and organised.

Describe Barter in 3 words?

Effective, resourceful, creative.

Tell us something we don't know about you?
I played with Barbies up until the age of 13 – 14 maybe… I still would if I could!

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