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Classic solution
Classic solution

In a fast moving consumer driven marketplace, companies can often find themselves with excess, short dated or obsolete stock or assets which are tying up capital that could be better utilised within the business or are facing a write down in value. Active classic solution allows clients to use these assets to part fund future marketing activity or business costs, releasing the capital or realising Extra Value from the asset.

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Case study classic solution – telecom

The Challenge

New product development had led to a telecoms company holding an overstock of an ageing mobile phone technology that was no longer demanded by the UK market.

Our Solution

  1. Active agreed to purchase the phones from the telecoms client using Trade Credits to restore the value of the product
  2. Active used our global remarketing network to find a technology buyer approved by the client
  3. Our client received the full value of the mobile phones in Trade Credits
  4. Active worked with the client’s advertising agency, spending the Trade Credits as part payment for the client’s investment in outdoor advertising

The Benefits

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This solution could work for you if you...

  • Have capital tied up in slow moving or obsolete assets

  • Want to restore value to the business

  • Are looking to increment UK Marketing budgets