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Guaranteed ROI Solution
Guaranteed ROI Solution

Finding new business routes and new customers is a constant challenge for most businesses, working with Active International can guarantee ROI from your marketing spend even before your campaign goes live.


Case study guaranteed ROI solution – travel

This solution could work for you if...

  • Have an inventory problem for Active to solve before any media runs

  • Need help to find an overseas distribution channel

  • Have an existing relationship with Active so you know that you will spend the Trade Credits in the near future

  • Are a manufacturer predominantly based in the UK

The Challenge

A major UK tour operator was looking to drive new business in the face of a challenging travel environment.

Our Solution

  1. Active worked with the client’s existing media agency to identify and recommend Tradable opportunities and partners
  2. Active agreed to purchase a defined percentage of the net media  cost in new business
  3. Bookings were transacted via the company’s website at the market rate
  4. The tour operator received significant guaranteed ROI from the marketing campaign
  5. All of the holidays purchased were those prioritised by the tour operator

The Benefits

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This solution could work for you if you...

  • Have a product and/or service

  • Want to attract new customers

  • Are looking to increment UK Marketing budgets