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Marketing and Stock Solution
Marketing and Stock Solution

Brand requirements and marketing goals are often greater than the budget that is allocated to fulfil those goals, this prevents brands from achieving the stand out they require in a busy consumer landscape. Active allows companies to increase marketing budgets by part paying for the media cost in stock making budgets go further and driving greater impact for your brand.


Case study marketing and stock solution – fashion and beauty

This solution could work for you if...

  • Have an inventory problem for Active to solve before any media runs

  • Need help to find an overseas distribution channel

  • Have an existing relationship with Active so you know that you will spend the Trade Credits in the near future

  • Are a manufacturer predominantly based in the UK

The Challenge

A fashion watch manufacturer with a limited budget but big aspirations needed to find a way to really stand out in a very competitive marketplace.

Our Solution

  1. Active identified a primetime Saturday night TV sponsorship opportunity targeting the desired audience
  2. Active structured payment for the sponsorship using a combination of the client’s current media budget plus first line watch stock
  3. This allowed the fashion watch manufacturer to buy a sponsorship package that was previously beyond their means
  4. Our client achieved stand out in a key sales period with sales doubling over the period of the sponsorship agreement
  5. Active Traded the watch stock with a major magazine company, who used the stock to drive subscriptions and reader competitions. This delivered further PR benefits and brand recognition for the watch manufacturer.
  6. The magazine partner paid Active for the watches with their own media space

The Benefits

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This solution could work for you if you...

  • Have a product and/or service

  • Want to attract new customers

  • Have a UK Marketing budget