Including TRADE CREDITS in your accounting system is straightforward and there are a number of clear guidelines to follow under GAAP.

Accounting and TRADE CREDITS

Receiving TRADE CREDITS in return for assets

  • Your company and Active enter into a mutual Sale and Purchase contract for the asset
  • You raise an invoice for the sale of the inventory at the agreed TRADE CREDIT value
  • The asset value in the balance sheet is usually replaced by a pre-payment for the TRADE CREDITS issued
  • The TRADE CREDITS are typically carried in the balance sheet at the net realisable value of the asset surrendered in accordance with GAAP


  • When your company purchases media and services, Active raises invoices which are payable part in cash, part in TRADE CREDITS
  • VAT is charged at the required rate for the value of the media or services provided
  • As TRADE CREDITS are spent, an equal amount is credited to the prepayment account and then to the Profit and Loss account, until all TRADE CREDITS are spent

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