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Bitch gives Relief a hand

Media Bitch’s Diary 25 Mar 2011

Bitch loves a bit of work for charity, as she’s a very giving girl as it is (as some of you in media know full well), so she always looks forward to Red Nose day – for some of you on Charlotte Street that’s every Friday after a “let’s have another bottle” lunch.

But she’s really proud of you meeja types who get into the spirit of things. She especially likes the sisters at Active International, who obviously spend a lot of time on their backs, if this photo is anything to go by…

Of course Bitch means sleeping, and not other nocturnal activities. The girls raised money for Comic Relief by wearing their pyjamas to work for a day. They also held a raffle for a pair of tickets to a concert at the O2, donated by Absolute Radio. In total they raised £1,500, which Bitch is assured was three times their original target.

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