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Shifting leftover Jubilee & Olympic stock

Lua Cooper 25 Aug 2012

Sir: The past few weeks and months have been rather special for everyone involved in the relentless celebrations of the Queen’s Diamons Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics - and most retailers have seized the opportunity with both hands by stocking Diamond Jubilee and Olympic merchandise.

Despite the world being gripped by ‘Jubilympic fever’, sales were reported as being lower than expected (‘Sales were terrible but retailers buy legacy’ 18 August, p4). That leaves the old problem - how best to maximise value from this unsold stock?

An important option is to work with a corporate trade or barter business. Active International pioneered and now leads the Corporate Trade business and have 26 years of unparalleled experience.

They will be able to minimise the loss of margin on those goods that you would otherwise have had to take when liquidating them.

And by receiving three times more in corporate ‘trade credits’ than they would be worth on the open market, you will be able to spend these ‘credits’ on generating extra value from your media and marketing campaigns - to drive more footfall and sales.

Lua Cooper, marketing manager, Active international

Shifting stock

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