Active International and O2

In today’s highly competitive mobile communication market, leading players have raced to develop service enhancing benefits to draw corporate clients away from their current providers.

These enhancements are hugely beneficial for clients to better manage their contract spend and highlight areas which can be optimised.

Active works to further improve the efficiency of contracting with O2, by facilitating corporate customers to part fund the significant cost of their contract with their product or service.

By working with Active and introducing Corporate Trade into the fold, companies from Media, Retail and Leisure industries have been able to use media space, last season’s fashions and attraction tickets to part fund the cost of their telephony contracts whilst still delivering full contract value to O2 in cash.

O2 partnered with Active over 7 years ago, which has helped O2 to stand out when pitching against their competition and offers a significant benefit for any client looking to move their contract.

If you'd like to find out more about Corporate Trade, get in touch with Mark Henson, our Head of New Business